Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What time is it?

Hi all!
Greetings from 27 Palace Court, room number 3B. I'm sitting on my bed here completely wasted after days of sleep deprivationand a serious amount of traveling. But... totally worth it to finally be here.
I left my house in Sandy Monday morning at 5:30 am. I had a 4 hour layover in Houston from 11:45 to 3:45 and then a straight 9 hr 10 min. flight to Heathrow London airport. Surprisingly, the best part ofthat trip was the long part. The guy I sat next to was 27 and an accountant. He and his friends were in Vegas for a bachelor party. He taught me how to play Backgammon and was super friendly and nice... plus he was British. (No freaking out though, I'm not a totally idiot about strangers.) The seats were crammed and my legs and neck ached! Oh, and Continental serves really crappy meals.
The good news was that the transfer in Houston and the trip to my new house in London were both SO easy to handle. I went through customs and picked up my baggage where both the exit and Heathrow express were. I took the express to Paddington station for 15 pounds and then a taxi to the center for 5. It was awesome. When I got to Paddington I felt like I was going to run into my friend Harry Potter at any minute. Trying not to look like a total tourist with all my luggage and my camera I snagged a sly picture by the railing(that's why it's not so good, but I really thought Anth would like it!). I can only imagine what will happen when we go to Kings Cross and see Platfrom 9 3/4!
The rest of the morning (Tuesday) I spent meeting girls as they came and getting my room together. A group of us went to and Indian place for lunch and roamed the Notting Hill area. Then I took a nap, ate dinner with everyone finally here, and then a few of us took the tube to Big Ben and walked up to the National Gallery. There is A LOT of history on one street! It was so amazing to see monumental buildings and statues, especially as the sun was going down.
London is nothing I expected and everything I expected all at once. I know that probably makes no sense... but that is the best way I know how to describe how I feel having been here for only one day. At a glance it is a lot like America... New York or San Francisco without the hills. But then you take a good look and everything is older and classier and turns out to be a piece of art. Everything has a story and the buildings are incredible.
So far everyone seems to be really nice and friendly... we'll see. If I know girls, the cliques will form soon enough. I'd rather not play that game and I'm used to boys, but apparently these girls are going to be my best friends until December so I'm playing nice and trying to make friends.
The center has some issues with the internet... so it is going to be hard for me to post a ton of pictures which is a bummer. But for now I'll just leave you with one more!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Still in America but ready to go!

Sorry for the let down if you are actually reading this and thinking I'm out in the world with important things to blog about.
I'm not.
In fact, I'm sitting on my mom's bed right now begrudgingly creating this blog because of a few people that think it's necessary to have one if you fit into one of the following categories:
1. You are married. #1 reason for a blog and probably the main reason I haven't written in my other blog for 2 years.
2. You cook (or do some other domestic activity that you think everyone can and should benefit from).
3. You are traveling the world and assume everyone wants to know what you are doing all the time... because you are that interesting.
Apparently I fit into that last one.
Ok, ok... so I do think I'm that important alright?
Anyway, I know my title isn't that creative. It's because I don't care. Everyone's blogs have cutsy titles and to be frank, I think most of them are dumb. This blog is about my study abroad in London. When I get home, I'm going to stop writing in it. Any of the 5 of you that are going to read this know that this is how I am: mostly cynical about most everything. ;)
So here it is. I am not quite sure how it works. Do I add you? Do you add me? I am a facebooker. That seems more simple... but whatev. If anyone would like to help me out in this department that would be wonderful.
Apart from the cynicism in this post I have to say two things. First of all, I am extremely grateful for my friends and family. I have felt so blessed over the last couple of weeks, being able to see and spend time with so many amazing people that all care about me. I love you all and my life is so enriched by each one of you. I wouldn't even be able to do this study abroad without my mom and dad, ALL of my grandparents (especially Carla who gave me the idea and quite a bit of something else to get me going), and all of my supportive friends. And a special shout out to Sara for getting me excited when I was scared to apply, scared to go, scared to pack, and scared of everything else. I miss you Sar. And I know you're one of the 5 that will read this. :) Second is this: I am SO excited to travel to England and around Europe. I have been studying English at BYU for 2 years now. What a better way to end my studies than to experience the world I've read about for so long. I can't wait to become a part of it and learn a world outside my own.
Thanks for reading! Next time, I'll be in LONDON.