Friday, August 19, 2011

Washington DC and the status of my move to England

In our tour of the Capitol. Hannah taught us that initially they wanted Washington to be buried under this central point of the building and have a flame eternally burning above it. The humble Washington declined and is buried at his home Mt. Vernon.

One of the two statues our state has in the Capitol. Had to get my pic with my man B. Young!!

Capitol Bikeshare, Sara and I rode bikes from Georgetown to the WWII and Lincoln Monuments

It was so hot and humid ALL the time. Here's me at the Lincoln M.
I have put off writing about the status of my move to England for two reasons. Numero uno is the fact that I've been visiting our nations fine capitol for the last week and haven't had the time or energy to sit down and explain it all.  Segundo... I just don't want to have to explain it over and over and have people bugging me about it once they hear.  Well, here you go:

Today I was supposed to be traveling into the London/Heathrow airport from DC. That did not happen. Instead I'm back in Utah sitting in my kitchen. Yes, I am still going. No, I don't know when. Yes, it is frustrating.  I found out the SAME morning I was leaving (talk about major packing changes).  To make a very long story short, I don't have a Visa yet. It is being handled by two very nice immigration lawyers as we speak. We're hoping that it doesn't take more than a few weeks.  It wasn't my fault, it wasn't my boss Andy's fault... it just is what it is. I am positive that I will be happier in the long run having my Visa fully backing me up over there.  I don't want to say anything else about the matter and I am not going to explain it again.  But I would like to say that I appreciate everyone's concern and help through all of this.  And now that I'm exhausted from my week in DC I am actually kind of happy I get to come home and regroup a bit.  Speaking of DC.............................


Ok, seriously a blast.  I mainly went to see Hannah and Sara who are out there for work and school, but ended up hanging out with a whole group of friends that also live there (ie, Steve and Jessie and Scott). 
This blog post will be a novel if I go into a ton of details so I'm just going to highlight via pictures.
At Eastern Market on Saturday morning

In front of the National Archives. Got to see the Constitution, Dec. of Ind. and Bill of Rights

Me and Hannah in front of Washington monument

It took us a while to find this tunnel... but when we did it led to the Pentagon and the Pentagon 911 memorial lit up

Nationals game. I'm a fan. Scott let me borrow his hat for the pic since Sara decided she didn't want to buy them.


  1. Oh Nikki, I am sorry about your Visa troubles! I had some issues when we went from Finland to Austria and after much stress I finally got all of the paperwork in the day before I had to leave the country. Stressful! Ben and Addie are EU citizens so it's much easier for them, but there is always a mountain of red tape to get through before being legal. Good luck!

  2. i love everything about this post (except for the fact that you have to wait to go to england). miss you and so happy you came to visit! you are the best friend ever!

  3. Nikki, your DC pictures look so fun! I'm glad you had such a blast in the capitol, I love that place. Hopefully all works out with your visa so you can head over to England and work on my marriage to Dan Rad and/or Mark.