Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pics from Wales and the Halloween bash!

Ben's coat. No explanation necessary for this picture.

Pub in Wales.  We didn't realize until we'd sat down that it was a gay pub.  Hey! That's longest serving gay pub in Wales to you!

K this is from today but it made me so happy I had to add it.  Going from the V&A to the science museum today I saw this girl pass me on the sidewalk.  So naturally I turned around and yelled "hey! Sorry but you have a Hot Dog on a Stick sweatshirt on in England! I need to take a picture with you." She was British but since her sister worked for Hot Dog she seemed to know that it was normal for an employee to do something like this.  It was so weird to see this sweatshirt walking down the street in London.  It was so out of place!  Made my day!  Ps Doggers: this is an original old school sweatshirt, her sister worked for the company 30 years ago or so... she is older than she looks!
The Big Dig in Wales.  300 ft into the earth to look at the coal mine.

Part of the above ground museum at The Big Dig in Wales.  The showers where the miners went after a day at work.  These life size naked decals of dirty men really added to the experience.

Not in Wales... the first ever LDS chapel.  Very cool experience.  We sang hymns and watched a video of President Hinckley... he served his mission in England.

Cookie contest winners!

Pocahontas (I mean Tiger Lily), Napoleon, Nerd/Me

World renowned scholars Dr. Tate and Dr. Seely.  We tricked them into coming to the servery and then got them to participate in a donut eating contest.  Best professors ever.

Jess and Nicole.  I love this pic of the servery (all decorated) and my ghost friends.
Saturday night was SO fun! It didn't even feel like we missed out on our American holiday.  I will say this though... apart from here at the centre, Halloween does not mean the same thing here as it does in the states.  Sorry I can't post more pictures!  It takes too long.


  1. I can't believe you got to touch a picture of naked British coal miner's bottom! That is on my bucket list!!

  2. i love the hot dog sweatshirt!!! i would freak out for sure!

  3. i'm with hannah on that one. hot dog travels! ah i loooove it!

  4. I am Sarah Katherine Maines little sister, hannah.
    I very much so like your blog :)
    sarah is a twit.


  5. No one ever told me about the naked men decals! Wow, I'm glad I was blind for this ;) BTW, awesome blog. I wish I had known about it before!