Friday, September 17, 2010

Razzle Dazzle day

St. Paul's in the back... and yes this is the Millennium Bridge from the beginning of HP6.

Things I love: Bueno Bars, Hobnobs, Snog, Carrotcake from Hummingbird.
Important people I've missed in the last two days: Zac Efron and the Pope. I technically knew both were here but chose not to participate in the madness... sorry Hannah, and God.

Thought I better get a post in before we go to France day after tomorrow! Jealous? Yeah, you probably should be.
It has shaped up to be a not so disappointing week. We do something everyday, even if it's just to get a treat or take a walk. Monday after class I went to the V&A museum again for my Jane Austen class. That museum is full of amazing things. We tried on corsets and I found a library that looked like the one in Beauty and the Beast. Tuesd
ay after class we went to the play War Horse. Now, if you don't know what this is... I really don't suggest reading the novel because it's not that great. Penny had us read it for our English class just so we could compare it to the play, but it is meant for little kids and it is not well written. It took me an hour to read and we really just made fun of it for the next three days (Penny included). The play though was excellent. Unlik
e any I've ever seen, the horses are actually puppets. I know this sounds dumb, I thought it did too until I saw it. The play is actually a
bout the Great War. It was very powerful with the lightening and direction, even if the acting was a little over the top. And don't worry America, it's coming to Broadway. Also, Steven Speilburg bought the rights and is making a movie. How such a crappy book has had so much success is beyond me, but then again I also read the Twilight series. Also... I had a dream last night that I met up with Speilburg and we were chatting all about this. Even took pictures. I was super disappointed when I woke up.
Wednesday we had another day trip. We went to 4 places! It was an exceptionally long day when you have that many places to go, even if they were amazing places. We went to Bodiam castle where I got to feed ducks and fish that looked like old asian men. Next we were off to Kipling's home. He is the author of, among other things, the jungle book. His house is nice and snug but his land is incredible. After that we went to the Abbey from the Battle of Hastings and followed Dr. Seely on the walk around the grounds where the battle of the Normans and Angle-Saxons took place. This was really interesting to see and learn about... even for someone like me who doesn't usually like that kind of thing. Finally, we got to Virigina Woolf's house. It is tiny and people still live in the upstairs and are paid for by the National Trust to run the place. But just like Kipling's home, her land was amazing. I'm starting to realize why so much incredible literature was produced from the English. It is so beautiful all over the countryside. Kent looks like anything you'd see out of a Jane Austen movie.
Today we went to the tower of London and looked at the crowned jewels and a bunch of armor. Crowned jewels=great because I LOVE jewelry.
Everything else=made me really tired and want to go home.
We watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince tonight :) and we think we're really special because we can recognize where they filmed everything now. haha
Other than that, we play a lot of cards and do our readings for class. It's hard not to want to spend a ton of money here but lucky for me I hang out with people that are even more worried about it than I am. I took an incredible run with my friend Sarah yesterday through Hyde Park. I have decided it is a magical park because I ran over three miles without a problem and usually I can't even run one. Yeah, no idea how that happened but it was probably the most fun I've ever had running in my whole life.
One of these days I'll go over to the McDonald's and upload all my pictures!
Thanks for reading! It makes me happy when everyone tells me they've been keeping up through my blog.


  1. Your post title alone is fantastic.
    France eh... have a great time! Go to the Orsay, it's better than the Lourve. You won't regret it.

  2. I could strangle you with jealousy for getting to study in the V&A museum. I've ALWAYS wanted to go there but it's never been on the itinerary. I hope you're keeping a list of what a kindred spirit should see when in the UK. I will take your list VERY seriously.

  3. I just wanna say that I love your blog! You are such a great writer! I read through all your posts and I'm so glad you decided to start your London blog. It's also really fun to see some pics of Sarah, haha! Btw, she adores you.

    It was really fun to run into you guys on Westminster Bridge a few weeks back (that was TOTALLY unplanned and random!) and then hang with you a bit at Gelato Mio in Notting Hill. Good times. x

  4. I DREAM of having a library like the one from Beauty and Beast!!! You have to tell me where it was so I can go there! Those pictures are amazing.