Sunday, September 5, 2010

Week 1 and Mitcham Ward

Ok so here's the deal. I am a sucky blogger. Even with an exceptionally great subject matter I still manage to fail miserably at a blog. Here though is the reason: I assume everyone gets on blogs mainly for recipes or to look at pictures. People don't like to read because basically we're too lazy. If I want to upload a hundred pictures I need to walk down the street to McDonalds and blog there.
Poll: How many of you would want to go to McDonalds if you were in London?!
Our internet is equivalent to cell phone use here (which is pointless). So I just don't write because I assume no one wants to cap in daily to read what could be novel length amounts of text about my days here (and believe me, they could be that long).
The best time to blog would be at night because we're out all day, but that unfortunately is when everyone is on and it is virtually impossible (literally) to use the internet at those times.
For those of you who don't mind a lengthy-textoriented blog read on:

The week has been amazing. I've been so many places and made so many awesome friends that I think I could burst with pure happiness. It has been the most interesting thing to watch the progression of friendships take form this week within our group of 37 students. Everyone has gotten close so fast. And it is great to think that we as a group will always have these experiences together and that no one will ever really know what it was like but us.
It almost hurts my head to think back to when I got here 6 days ago and try to recap all that has happened. That I think would be impossible. I have loved everywhere and everything we've done. I LOVE the tube. The underground is the best idea anyone ever had for a big city. I love the National Gallery and all of Nottinghill area. We've eaten at somepretty greatplaces (mostly the center because it's free)... and had some pretty good treats. We walk EVERYWHERE. Lot's of stairs. School is great because they give us assignments that involve going places and doing things. Friday we went to Westminster Bridge and watched the sun go down in back of Big Ben and Parliament. The sun went down and lights lit up the buildings and streets. It was an incredible sight to see. We sat there for over 2 hours just watching.
Saturday we went to Portobello Road. Oh. My. Gosh. I love PortobelloRoad and it is 3 minutes walking distance from our flat. I bought a ring and British Harry Potter books. I could have spent my whole budget there in one day. Last night we went to Tower of London Bridge and it was beautiful with perfect weather. Plus we did this in a bigger group and it was fun to be with more people.
Mitcham ward is the furthest ward away from Palace Court. It took us two hours one way and two hours back. Totally worth it. The ward is incredible and full of diversity. We met some really nice people, most of which are African... and specifically met one woman (Pauline) who was an exceptionally wonderful Welsh woman. She is quirky and outgoing and says anything! I love her. She gave us treats and took drove us to the train station. I'm really excited to serve and attend church in this ward. I get to teach and go to Primary for the first time in my life!!!

I'm going to try to write more regularly so that I can give more detail of my adventures. Just don't expect too many pictures. Until I decide to give into McD's.


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  1. If you blog for no other reason besides allowing me to live vicariously through you, that is fine. Holy cow, I am so jealous! Portobello Rd? Oh my gosh....I can't even handle it! I know that in one of the museums there they have a copy of "Jane Eyre", hand written by Charlotte Bronte. If you get to see it, think of me, because that is my favorite book! I am so glad you are enjoying every minute. It shouldn't be any other way :)