Tuesday, September 7, 2010


On the train home from Mitcham this past Sunday. Long trip!

So I thought good and hard about making a Newsies quote the title for this blog... and then I remembered how I hate clever titles.
The tube went on strike Monday and today so since I don't believe in dying I steered clear of them. Actually, they were all barred closed today so even if I wanted to risk it I couldn't. None of us really know why the tube goes on random strikes but apparently it happens pretty often. We all watched NottingHill tonight in the classroom and the paper Hugh Grant's flatmate is holding says "Tube Strike" on it and we all started laughing.
So what do you do in London when you can't take the underground or refuse to get on a crowded double decker? You walk... a lot. Yesterday we went to Primark (great place for cheap stuff ps) and stayed in for the first night since I've been here to do homework, however mostly because it was pouring rain. This morning Anne and I got up at 7 to go running before breakfast. Now... I know I'm 23 but there is still a 1st time for everything. It wasn't hard considering I feel good here, my body has adjusted to waking up early, and there are the most gorgeous parks to run in.
Had class... classes are so awesome here because your teachers live next door so you see them all the time. Plus, subject matter comes to life here. Although I don't know how great that is when you're studying the Great War. Note: We Americans no nothing about the Great War.
Tomorrow we go to St. Paul's cathedral so hopefully I'll have more to blog about and will be able to get some good pics for you all.

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