Sunday, October 10, 2010

John Keats and Hampstead

Hampstead was a joy.  I love Keats.
Honestly, with all the remodeling they did on the Keats House a couple of years ago it wasn't that impressive.  However, it was fun to get a book of his poetry from the house that he wrote most of it in and read some of it in the garden that he looked out at from his study.
We took a nice semi-long walk through town to the pub Keats would occasionally write in.  It is called The Spaniards Inn and it had really great dessert and the best diet coke I've had since I've been here.
From the pub it was a short walk to the Kenwood house.  Most people would recognize this old Victorian mansion from the scene in Notting Hill when Julia Roberts is filming a movie on the grass.  It is actually an orangery now with loads of art, including my favorite John Singer Sargeant, Vermeer, etc. The grounds surrounding it are beautiful.  We walked into the woods and upscale to look out over the hillside with the city in the background.
We stayed so long we were almost late for dinner.

 I would love to go back and walk through the Heath and sit out on the grass and read.  Actually, I would love to go back and stay there indefinitely. 

 OTHER noteworthy things:
Final performance at the Globe.  Henry iv part 2.  
Found some Tirmisu better than Aida's~
At my ward with the missionaries and investigator Mousey.  Prob the first and only pic I'll have of me looking like a sister missionary. 

Going North for the week.  It will be a fun, long trip.  Some of us are getting dropped off in Liverpool on Saturday, myself included.   Here I come Beatles tour.

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  1. Keats.....oh Keats...why would they remodel anything of his?!