Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A little taste of home

One rule: "do not touch the instruments."
 Sarah and I touched Bob's guitar.

Today I went to the first ever Hard Rock Cafe here in London.  Here will be a list of things that made it a keen experience:
1.  American version of customer service.  Friendly. Split checks.
2. All of the memorabilia.  Guitars, coats, papers, etc. from the best musicians in the history of rock.
3.  Tour of the vault.  Our "tour" guide/ random (and pretty cute) kid was hung over and probably stoned as he took us into the vault.  Only rule was not to touch the instruments... Sarah and I decided to be rebellious and touched Bob Dylan's guitar.  Totally worth it.  The harpsichord in back of it is the original from one of the Beatles music videos.
4.  The gift shop has giant photos of different artists.  Is Jason up there?  Why, yes.  Yes he is.  Did I have a meltdown when I saw his wristband that says "Hyde Park" on it?  Yes.
5.  It just felt American.  And it felt good.  As much as I love England... I am not British.
I am American.        And sometimes I just need to act like one.
I'm pretty happy about this.
If you can't tell, his wristband reads "Hyde park" on it. :)

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