Friday, October 8, 2010

seldom sleeping

It's early here.  Way early.  And I've been on Skype with Alicia and Hannah for about two hours.  Eight hour time difference and half a world away I still managed to get to that Jason concert with them.  Did I cry a couple of times?  Yes.
It was only after a half hour that I realized, after weeks of saying I could stay here forever, that I could never live in England.  While I am much more impressed and content with the small towns in the English countryside than anywhere I've ever been in America, there is no way I could be away from the people I love for so long.  As time goes on this experience becomes more and more bittersweet.  Anyone who's lived here will understand what I mean.  You want the best of both worlds... to have some magical power that can transport England to your life back home.  I never want to leave but also wouldn't want to stay. 

One of Jason's new songs says "I want to thank those who make me love who I am."  (Or something along those lines since it's not yet released and I only got to hear it through once.)
But thank you to all of you who love me as me.  I'm never going to stop loving what I like and the people most important to me like me more because of these things.  

Special thanks to Jason for his new music and for singing MJ, the Beatles and Unfold.  I don't care how popular you get or if I never get to go to a low key bar concert again... you'll always be my favorite.

Will post pics of Hampstead before I leave for the North trip on Monday.

Alicia and Hannah: I love you guys.

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  1. Oh my gosh. I know EXACTLY what you mean. I literally think Austria is the most beautiful place in the world. I love the food. I love the language. I even love the bus system! But every Sunday when I talk to my parents or sisters or see my little nephew growing up so far away, it breaks my heart. I don't want to leave here! But it's so hard being far away!

    The only solution is for everyone I love to move to Austria. Simple really.